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NagiEveryone Trash~
12 December 2016 @ 12:00 am
Tabellina dell'auverse(-9 fill)
Drabble Meme (>>>SEMPRE APERTO <<<)
500themes_ita (lista prompt)
COW-T6 @ maridichallenge
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NagiEveryone Trash~
02 January 2017 @ 05:47 pm
Titolo: Run away and take me with you
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Personaggi: Yuri Plisetski/Otabek Altin, menzione di Viktor Nikiforov
Genere: erotico, romantico
Avvertimenti: future!fic, fluff, blowjob + frottage
Parole: 2671
Note: Questa qui è per l'EOTYfest (Challenge #6) e per il p0rnfest ("Fuga notturna in sella alla moto") e niente, Yuri continua a non piacermi per niente ma mi pare il più relatable da scrivere...... >_< (che poi cioè, come personalità siamo quasi identici, è l'atteggiamento che non sopporto) e niente, questa mi ha legit divertita e mi piace :'DDD per fortuna ogni tanto accade ancora. <3

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NagiEveryone Trash~

Titolo: Oh no, I see a spider web and it's me in the middle
Fandom: Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (ERASED)
Personaggi: Yashiro Gaku/Satoru Fujinuma
Genere: erotico (sort of), dark
Avvertimenti: shotacon, non-con (che sarebbe implicito ma vbb, sempre meglio precisare), davvero un sacco badwrong tbh, what if?
Parole: 1153
Note: Innanzitutto, 1. se qualcuno avesse mai intenzione di leggere questa cosa: don't. Se è già stato fatto: mi dispiace.
2. Era per l'EYOTfest (Challenge #4) e per la Maritombola (prompt 27. Fiaba).
E c'ho problemi con Yashiro, specificamente con il sangue che mi fa il suo seiyuu. Non è colpa mia. :c

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NagiEveryone Trash~
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: Michele Crispino/Sara Crispino
Avvertimenti: incest
Parole: 1097
Prompt: rincorrendosi tra i vitigni
Prompt della Maritombola 7: 83. Incest

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Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: Viktor Nikiforov/Yuuri Katsuki
Avvertimenti: ///
Parole: 968
Prompt: Yuuri chiede a Viktor di toccarsi per lui

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Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Pairing: Yuri Plisetski/Otabek Altin
Avvertimenti: ///
Parole: 443
Prompt: 'non ti fermare'
Prompt della Maritombola 7: 12. Frustrazione

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Fandom: Free!
Pairing: Sousuke Yamazaki/Nagisa Hazuki
Avvertimenti: what if?, future!fic
Parole: 1553
Prompt: hooker!au

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Fandom: Free!
Pairing: Rin Matsuoka/Haruka Nanase
Avvertimenti: face-fucking, pwp
Parole: 806
Prompt: bottom!Haruka, eager face-fucking

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NagiEveryone Trash~
12 December 2016 @ 04:29 pm
Titolo: wake me up before you go
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: erotico, fluff, malinconico
Avvertimenti: future!fic, pwp, in inglese
Parole: 1608
Note: per il prompt "5. Vetro appannato" della mia cartellina della Maritombola @maridichallenge!

"Have we ever done it like this before?"
Nagisa's breath bursts sharp through his lips, when his eyes droop and through the glass fogged up by his own breath he barely recognizes little figures walking by the street in front of him, people who would just need to lift their gaze a little to catch the sight of him being rammed against the second floor window where his bedroom is. Behind him, they would only spy a dark mane, maybe even purple eyes and Rei's lips nibbling softly at his ear lobe.
"N-no," Nagisa whispers, and his breaths gets stuck down in his lungs for a moment as a particularly violent, shaky wave of pleasure bursts instantly through his whole body, and he's left trembling while it still mounts, harder and harder, while Rei thrusts vicious inside of him. "Rei-chan..."
"What if they... see us?" Rei teases, panting against Nagisa's nape, and groans, with rough, low sounds leaving his mouth while he pushes himself deeper inside of Nagisa.
"I wish," Nagisa evades, with a little smirk playing on his own lips, "I wish we'd switched."
Rei pauses, for a moment, considering what Nagisa said, and then bursts in a brief giggle while biting the other's shoulder playfully.
"Really? And what... what would you do?" He breathes out, smiling a little at the pink on Nagisa's cheek and biting his own lip at the pleasure that keeps mounting within himself.
Usually he's not in a position to tease: the opposite happens more often. Which is why, now, a satisfied grin appears on his lips, while his fingers curl around Nagisa's, the palms of whom he keeps pinned down onto the windowsill. His hands are so much bigger, as well as the rest of his body, and it was so easy for him to wrap himself around Nagisa then lead him to the window for some punishment after Nagisa 'accidentally' poured an entire jug of water on him while they studied. Somehow.
Outside, thankfully, nobody has looked up yet, and Nagisa finally closes his eyes bending over, to let him reach deeper, his eyes fall shut and louder moans pour out of his lips dancing around them fragile, desperate.
"I... I would tie you up... and use feathers and my mouth on you... until you'd beg me to let you come," Nagisa whines, feeling Rei's fingers trace a slow line down his back and then settle on his waist for a better grasp on him while he thrusts more comfortably.
"You know, I'd like to try that," he hums, with an ecstatic expression on his face now that he finally gets to see Nagisa free and unashamed to be over for him, after so much resistance and defenses thrown up against him. Despite the looks, it took him a while to look so much at ease with his body, especially when naked with Rei.
"Next time we'll do that," the latter adds, in a soft yet rough tone from the tension and his body almost moving on its own by now, thrusting hard and deep inside of Nagisa's soft, squelching warm body. "You're... squeezing me so much, Nagisa-kun; if you keep it up I can't last long," he then whines as well, thrusting even deeper until finally his mind blanks, and the people passing by quietly in front of them don't matter anymore, and he straightens Nagisa's body up again ignoring the little squeals of protests, but his words eventually reach him.
"R-Rei-chan, I don't want them to see...!"
The urgence in Nagisa's voice pulls him back from the incoming high, and with heavy breaths he nods, kissing Nagisa's shoulder, and then turns him around for a hungry, impatient kiss while pushing him towards the bed.
When Nagisa lies down, Rei only allows himself a handful of moments to admire his squirming, flushing, messed up little boyfriend before he crawls on top of him again, kissing his lips once, twice softy, then hard, sucking the breath from his lungs and shoving his tongue down to feel as much of him as he can while he settles between soft and thin yet strong thighs, inhaling the strong smell of sweat on Nagisa's neck while pushing himself inside again. He trembles, his body burning patience, waiting for Nagisa to relax again and when he does Rei whines, again, starving.
"Rei-chan," Nagisa croaks, panting fast, with his face red and his eyes blowing wide for a second before they droop again, and Rei observes his small hand reach down between them, and hisses at Nagisa clenching again around him when he finally stimulates his untouched cock with soft strokes, and then harder ones until Nagisa's waist begins rolling and his eyes turn feverish, his breath coming out fast and hard.
Rei drinks in all of it, in admiration, until his movements stop and despite his own needy whine, his hands cup around Nagisa's warm, red cheeks to guide his lips towards Rei's own, in a slow and hot kiss. Nagisa's head tilts naturally, following the guidance, and between their mouths he chokes out a little sob.
"You're beautiful, Nagisa-kun. I'm going to keep this in my mind," Rei hums, wiping a couple of big tears from the corners of Nagisa's eyes, with his thumbs.
Nagisa's voice comes out soft, with a tightened smile as he breathes in, breathes out slow.
"You promised you wouldn't mention it..." he mutters, with a cracking pout, and he blinks for a few seconds - on the verge of something - before he grabs Rei's head and pulls him in for another deep kiss, one he leads this time, and his hips begin again rolling against Rei's waist, keeping him in place, fucking himself against him until the sadness gets contained again, wiped out by his own loud moans, his own hard, rough breaths and their muscles clenching to make their bodies hold onto every single spark of pleasure before it gets delivered straight to their brains where it explodes all at once, leaving them panting and melting their muscles while their brain buzz with a pleasant emptiness.

"Nagisa-kun, I'm sorry," Rei murmurs, petting Nagisa's head while they're both cocooned under the blankets, and the smaller young man is curled up against his chest, eyes closed, lingering in a state of glowing relax. However he's been silent for minutes now, and refused to meet Rei's eyes opting to close his own, maybe with the hope of falling asleep before talking about anything.
"About what?" He retorts, feigning ignorance, but his eyes stay close and his voice lowers.
"I'm sorry that I mentioned I'm leaving," Rei repeats, and immediately tilts Nagisa's face to look down into his eyes. "I promise I'll be back as soon as the research is done with. It'll be just a few months," he adds, and presses his lips against Nagisa's forehead. The other does not say a word for a few seconds, until his voice comes out in a feeble "yeah..."
"You'll see it'll pass fast, and when I'll be back we'll go out and eat whatever you want."
Rei sighs, ghosting little kisses on Nagisa's head. "Wait for me, alright?" He finally says, and his own voice wavers slightly while his chest tightens.
And that's when Nagisa's voice changes. He giggles.
"We're being so dramatic, Rei-chan," he replies, mocking them both. "It's just two or three months, and... where would I go anyway?"
Rei blinks a few times, and then his arm wraps around Nagisa. A little smile spreads on his face, as the two share warmth, light touches, and their hearts beat heavy.
"You'll bring me lots of food from America, right?" Nagisa slurs, low, from somewhere against Rei's neck.
"Yeah, if I can."
"What? Why??" Nagisa pouts, finally looking back up into Rei's eyes, and the other sighs kissing his cheek.
"Because food is hard to smuggle out. If I get some packaged food it should be okay though... but nothing liquid, nothing that wastes easily, noth–"
"Snacks are fine, that's all I want," Nagisa interrupts him, with a mischievous, chilidish grin.
Rei's chuckle is low and quiet, and his fingers comb through Nagisa's fluffy hair that got a bit longer, but got definitely better maintained after high school.

A long, thoughtful silence settles between them, while outside the light evening turns darker, and the sun dims filtering into their room. What breaks the quiet is Nagisa's stomach muttering, and Rei's eyes open recovering from the sleepy daze before squinting in a smile.
"You're hungry, eh?" He whispers, petting Nagisa's slightly soft stomach now that they are spooning and Rei is behind him.
Nagisa's response comes in a vague hum, and he only grumbles, "I'm fine... let's stay in bed a little longer."
A golden tuft moves when Rei sighs, again, but eventually he hears, "you know... if I could do that research from here–"
"I'm not thinking about that, I'm fine," Nagisa remarks, before rolling on the bed so that they're facing one another. "I just don't wanna get out of bed. It's cold, and I just wanna stay warm a little bit longer," he explains, adding a quiet smile.
Rei's brows knit only a little, before eventually he nods, dropping it, and holds Nagisa closer to his chest.
"Alright. We could order some food... what do we eat? Pizza?"
Nagisa hums for a few seconds, his voice vibrating against Rei's skin. "Okay, pizza is good."
Rei nods, and kisses the tip of his head.
And then tomorrow he'll leave. But he won't mention that again until they wake up tomorrow. They can pretend a little bit longer. 
NagiEveryone Trash~
11 December 2016 @ 02:36 pm
Titolo: разинув рот
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice
Personaggi: Yuri Plisetsetsky (menzione di Otabek Altyn/hint della Otayuri)
Genere: introspettivo
Avvertimenti: plot? what plot?, in inglese, missing moment
Parole: 1041
Note: allo', sì, allo' è vero che chi mi conosce o ha letto qualsiasi tweet recente dei miei SA BENE quanto odio Yurio fin dal primo momento in cui è apparso (e quanto odio le scene in cui prende la gente a calci o insulta la gente arrandom senza motivo), ed è possibile che questa ficcyna sia un po' OOC, visto che ho passato 10 episodi a odiare Yurio finché non l'ho visto saltare in moto dietro ad un ragazzo interpretato da Hosoya Yoshimasa e m'è partita la ship lol... però ho provato a capirlo come pg, quindi non è una fic fatta per bashare! Al massimo mi son bashata io da sola! WTF! XDDDD
Cmq è per il prompt "19. Perplessità" della mia cartellina per la Maritombola #7 \o\ volevo scriverci del porno, ma
Il titolo significa "agape" in Russo (almeno stando a sto dizionario che ho consultato), però pls non siate severi, non so un cazzo di Russo ma non sapevo che titolo metterci e insomma ecco lol bye-

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NagiEveryone Trash~
09 December 2016 @ 10:36 pm
Titolo: Stand by me
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Genere: malinconico, fluff (??? idk)
Avvertimenti: future!fic, in inglese, h/c
Parole: 2318
Note: buh, direi che sono soddisfatta visto che è da un botto che non scrivo. E boh, mi sentivo in colpa perché non scrivevo da settimane, non l'ho riletta, però va bene così. Idealmente cmq sarebbe una specie di seguito di questa fic. Diciamo che ci sono un paio di rimandi, ma si può leggere senza aver letto l'altra. SE a qualcuno frega qualcosa, comunque XDDD

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NagiEveryone Trash~
22 November 2016 @ 10:11 pm

Titolo: Chocolate winter dreams
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Rei/Nagisa
Avvertimenti: plot? what plot?, FLUFF, in inglese
Parole: 833
Note: LASCIATEMI FLUFFAAAREEEEE CON STI DUE SCEMI IN MANOOOOO~~~~<3333 niente, questa cosa sarebbe una sorellina di questa art meravigliosa della quale sono veramente innamorata alla follia. Cioè amore. *ci piange su* io non ce la faccio con sti due, arreggetemi pls ;;<3

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NagiEveryone Trash~
Titolo: You call the shots, babe, I just wanna be yours
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Sousuke/Nagisa, menzione di Rin/Sousuke
Genere: erotico
Avvertimenti: in inglese, pwp, future!fic, light BDSM, language (un paio di fuck di qua e di là, via)
Parole: 1945 (QUASI DUEMILA OMG)
Note: perché c'avevo voglia di scrivere. Niente motivazioni particolari, è solo porno autocompiaciuto e sicuramente scritto accazzo perché c'avevo voglia di buttarla lì *shrugs*

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NagiEveryone Trash~
02 November 2016 @ 07:37 pm
★Iniziativa: Questa storia partecipa al contest “Halloween Party – La Grande Zucca” a cura di Fanwriter.it!
★Numero Parole: 2235
★Prompt/Traccia: 19. Macchie

Titolo: Milk and blueberry jam
Fandom: Free!
Personaggi: Nagisa/Rei
Genere: dark, erotico, un po' horror
Avvertimenti: AU, adult fic, death, gore, shounen-ai, in inglese
Note: Ispirato da conversazioni in chat con la mia musa (che mi ha anche passato una ottima illustrazione di Takato Yamamoto che si abbina benissimo alla situazione che ho in mente), possiamo dire che si tratti anche di uno spin-off/prequel di Kirisaki Carnival, ma non è necessario aver letto il suddetto per leggere questa. Diciamo che avviene tutto nello stesso universo, ecco. <3 E so che halloween è passato da 2 giorni ma oh, adesso c'ho avuto cazzi di scrivere qualcosa. XD

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